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Experian Dispute Letter


[Insert Current Date Here]



P.O. Box 4500

Allen, TX 75013

Sent by Certified Mail [be sure to keep your receipt and take a picture of your certified mail # so you have proof your letter was sent then delete this text and the “[ ]” brackets]


Some of the information in my credit report is inaccurate or incomplete, or both. My address is [FULL ADDRESS]. My date of birth is [DOB]. My social security number is [SSN].

Please correct all of the inaccurate and disputed issues below.

[CREDITOR] – Account [Account #]

[Insert your dispute. This may be any dispute and could be written like a journal, explaining all of the issues the incorrect report has caused you. Some quick examples include:

  • I do not owe this amount.
  • This is not my account.
  • I never had any debt to this company or its alleged predecessor.
  • I believe I am the victim of identity theft, which resulted in this account being improperly included on my credit report.
  • My credit limit is incorrect.
  • I do not have any late payments, but my credit report shows otherwise. Please fix this.
  • I paid this debt.
  • I disputed this debt with the furnisher, but it’s not reporting as disputed.]


Please correct this information.

Please send me all proof and any information you receive from your investigation, and tell me what procedure is used to decide the correctness of information you report, plus the business name, address, and phone number of any people/companies that give you information. Also, please send me a complete copy of my credit report.

Thank you,

[add your signature]






[email address]

[attach proof of your address, such as a utility bill, license, or something else with your name and current address on it]